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The Erotic Awakening Podcast is the flagship for the Erotic Awakening Podcast Network. The podcast brings in-depth interviews, how-to information and features directly to a listener’s computer, headset, iPhone, Android, or portable MP3 player.  Our weekly podcast is followed by an ever growing, enthusiastic, and loyal collection of sex-positive fans who tune into our podcast for information on topics from polyamory to kink to sacred sexuality

Hosted by well known and respected authors and presenters Dan & dawn, the podcast has a loyal & supportive listener base that helps spread the word via twitter and other social media outlets.

Statistics & Listener Demographics

As of March 1, 2016

  • Episodes: 387
  • Total Downloads: 2,351,050
  • iTunes Rating: 4.5 Stars
  • World wide listener base; 74% in North America

About Our Listeners:

  • Many are new to alternative lifestyles and use the podcast as an "entry point"
  • Couples often listen together
  • New listeners often start at the beginning and listen to all the previous podcast - your advertising will continue to reach customers long after the advertising period
  • Listeners share with us their gratitude about products/events we mentioned. Ads read by our Hosts are received favorably by our listeners because people are more open to buying new items when products are recommended by trusted sources.
  • Podcast is often viewed as 'go to source' for power exchange, kink, and polyamory

Why become a sponsor

It's low cost, highly targeted marketing. Unlike other advertising, podcast advertising will get continued hits as new customers 'catch up' on back episodes. New media, such as podcasting, has been proven to be an extremely effective way of getting your message out to a very targeted audience.

Store Advertising Results Example
Total Sales Resulting From Campaign: $3,455.21 "In the final analysis it seems to have been a net profit for us just in terms of cash. I have no way of measuring whether or not your listeners who chose to come to us will be more likely to shop with us in the future- however, I bet they will. That is a more nebulous and definitely a more important "profit" for us. Sponsoring Erotic Awakenings also gave us a great opportunity to work with you AND to demonstrate our commitment to the kink community generally and the D/s community specifically. That is very valuable and part of our mission. Thank you for the opportunity"

Event Advertising Results Example

Direct Ticket Sales Resulting From Campaign: 6+ "Thank you for bringing the podcast to our attention. When we mentioned (you) at the opening ceremonies we were surprised to find we had a good number of people who were attending their first event and found out about us from (your podcast)"

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