Seekers Welcome

We offer experience based advice and counsel for those living and exploring polyamory and open relationships, bdsm and kink, and healthy power exchange

Polyamory and Relationships

cat in the hat
Dan & dawn have been practicing polyamory for the past 15 years; Dan has a partner of 9 years and today they all live together in a home we nicknamed “the Nest”.

We teach around the nation on a range of topics from polyamory foundations to ‘8 Poly Tools Everyone Should Know’ and run the fastest growing polyamory event in the nation, Beyond The Love: The Polyamory Summit

BDSM & Kink
Dan & dawn have been presenting around North America for 15 years, teaching people about BDSM and kinky fun. From talking dirty to spanking, our workshops earn high praise for being accessible as well as fun. If you are looking to add floggers to the bedroom or just want to know if your kink is ok and a valid expression of your self, we can assist you in gaining the knowledge and skills you need

Power Exchange
Living Ms
Authors of the bestselling book Living M/s, Dan & dawn are sought out as the experts in developing and maintaining long term power exchange relationships. Our 15 year power exchange relationship has been through the ups and downs that all relationships go through, but our strong foundation of power exchange has keep it growing and secure. If you identify as Master slave, Dom sub, Daddy little, Owner property, or perhaps your not sure, we can offer tools and experience to help you find long term success.

Cost? Up to you…
Our desire is to make these sessions available to anyone that needs them. Payment for sessions are based on the concept of dana (generosity). That is to say, when you make an appointment, we will send you a payment link and you pay as you believe appropriate. You can simply decide an amount or if you prefer refer to our suggestions at the end of this page.

Getting started
Reach out via the contact form or email us at
We will set up a time you can join us in our office (we are located in Columbus OH) or we can meet virtually via Skype.
Meet with Dan or dawn or both - you decide the mentoring correct for you.

More about dana
Dana (pronounced "dah-na") is a Pali word meaning generosity. Dating back to the time of the Buddha, there has existed an interdependence between those who offer the teachings and those who receive them. The teachings were always given freely.
We have decided to operate on dana to help us maintain the focus that “this is not a job, it is a passion”.

How much should you pay?
It is always up to you. You can think about what you make an hour at work for your time, or think it would be nice to treat us to dinner and give that amount, or some other view. We will never ask you for more and we treat all clients the same.

Can’t pay anything?
Then so be it. Hopefully in the future you’ll be in a place you can pay it forward. For now we won’t worry about it. This is not a business for us, it is a passion.

What you won’t find…
  • “Coaching” based on some book
  • Hidden fees or ‘call us for a rate’
  • Advertising and sales lingo
  • Contact us for rates or other marketing bs
  • Call TODAY deals
  • Exploratory sessions that waste time
  • Attempts to sell you multisession packages