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on bed teaching
Dan & dawn have been presenting around North America for over a decade and can be found at 15 different events a year, leading workshops and classes. They are well known for presentations that are energetic, funny, and engaging. With their blend of training and experience, they offer a unique perspective to their audience that is focused on sharing tools and stories of their life together.

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Erotic Awakening Podcast

Erotic Awakening Podcast
Every week, get to know international presenters and power exchange experts Dan & dawn as they bring you an aspect of erotic life - from “how to” sessions by well known instructors; interviews with highly regarded experts and presenters; event reviews from around the nation; to all of their erotic adventures!


Living Ms
Dan and dawn share the reality behind the lifestyle that so many only fantasize about. This is a book based on the experience of a couple who has been living together as Master and slave for well over a decade and covers such topics as: challenges of living as a M/s couple; building your own M/s dynamic; changing terminology; the communities of M/s and BDSM and how they dance together (and apart); styles of D/s and M/s; Ms and polyamory; leather; orchestrating situations with multiple slaves, as well as many other topics.
Available now in print from distributers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble  as well as electronic format such as Kindle & Nook. Or get an autographed version from Dan & dawn


Power exchange summit
Power eXchange Summit
PXS is all things Power Exchange. Classes and workshops; social spaces and fun; we are building a space that allows for people who are interested in all kinds of power exchange relationships to come and explore our lifestyle.

More than just an event, this is a celebration of the Power Exchange relationship in its many forms.

*Master/slave?* *Dom/sub?* *Owner/property?* *Gorean or Taken in Hand?* Or something you have defined yourself? No matter what your style of Power Exchange, you belong!

An event unlike any other! The focus of PXS is power exchange relationships of any form. This isn't an event about how we play, but how we live!

beyond the love
Beyond The Love
Falling in love is the easy part. But what happens after that? Beyond The Love’s mission is to provide an opportunity for the polyamorous community to come together in an educational and social forum.

At Beyond the Love you will find a wealth of classes, workshops and mini events to learn tools, techniques and communication skills to enhance our poly relationships. We provide a safe environment for meeting with other like-minded people in a supportive and inclusive community.

We welcome all those living a poly lifestyle or considering doing so. We are passionate about recognizing poly as a relationship choice and sharing common experiences on our many different paths. We hope you’ll join us and share yours!

The Columbus Space

Columbus Space
The Columbus Space is a collaboration between Dan & dawn and some other great people to bring an alternative community center to Columbus, OH! When Dan & dawn are not on the road presenting or home with Ginger the poly puppy, you'll find them here!

The Columbus Space is intended to be a safe gathering place where adults can find education and support in exploring their authentic self. Our Mission is to encourage personal growth, and promote healthy communication and interaction.

Our goal is to foster an environment that promotes healthy communication, intimacy and interaction between consenting adults.

Kink Starter

Kink Starter
Stuck in a rut? Have a hard time coming up with creative ideas? Or just want to explore some new things in your new or existing relationships?

Kink Starter can help improve your negotiation skills, get your juices flowing, spice up your kinky sex life and more!
Kink Starter is a deck of 72 playing cards that is divided into four different categories. The first three - erotic scenes, sexy implements, and hot accessories - will help set your imagination free to explore a world of erotic fun. The fourth category sets the 'tone', from soft and romantic to hard core action.

So, if you….
  • are just getting started
  • want a fun and interesting way to negotiate scenes
  • need an ice breaker at a play party or event
  • are looking for new uses for your toys
  • have a desire to try kink on your own terms
  • just want some random erotic fun
…then Kink Starter is for you!

Kink Starter cards can be purchased for

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